thegardenofhope.org is a community based platform to connect people who have passion in cooking and people who crave a homemade (mostly) Indonesian meal.

The idea behind thegardenofhope.org is to strengthen the community and connect people through homemade cooking. We hope to do so with this platform. In addition, we want to prevent waste of food through sharing experience. According to BBC and other studies, food waste reduction could help feed world’s starving just because how much it is wasted every single day.

We consider thegardenofhope.org as a social enterprise. Our social objective is what is important for us. We see the purpose of doing this is beyond financial profit. thegardenofhope.org fits well with the trend of sharing economy. More and more people use this method such as Blablacar, Snapcar, Airbnb, couchserving etc. After all it is about making something valuable (like leftover food or ingredients or your passion to cook) and use it to give it to the craver or the hungrier.

There are so many good home chef in the Netherlands. It is unfortunate to not share the love and passion to other people who would like to have good homemade meal, hence thegardenofhope.org! We hope that people will soon be able to browse, get in touch and who knows the Chef lives nearby your place.

The sharing economy makes our society more social and more sustainable!